Without Permission – a short documentary about irregular migration to Europe

New Documentary by Floris Asche showcases SITU’s commendable contribution towards
developing a mutually beneficial solution in the long standing quandary involving illegal migration to Europe.

Aptly named “Without Permission” the documentary depicts the plights of the illegal immigrants to the Greek island of Samos as well as the concerns shared by the local population. It illustrates how migrants from countries like Somalia, Pakistan, Sudan, Syria and Afghanistan illegally enter Greece with the help of human traffickers in Turkey; the difficult and often inhuman conditions they are exposed to enroute; and their life in the overcrowded and poorly managed migrant detention centers in Greece.

The documentary interviews people familiar with the issue, including an illegal migrant from Afghanistan, a member of the local community in Samos, Dr. Sven Wagner of the Sail For Science (NPO) and SITU founder Paula Schwarz.

The issue of illegal migration is nothing new to Greece and the rest of Europe. However, the close proximity of Samos from mainland Turkey makes the situation much more complicated in this part of the country.
The large majority of these migrants illegally enter Greece either in search of a better life or to flee from the unrests and oppression in their home countries. The fact that there are many employers who provide work to these migrants illegally (cheap labor), worsens the situation even further by acting as a pull-factor for future migrants.

Without Permission from Floris Asche on Vimeo.

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