is a non-profit based in Germany.

The European founders observed all over the planet from the sea as sailors, on land as environmental activists and simply as alert citizens of the world the rapidly happening changes on islands from their traditional stable way of life. These different European perspectives shaped the roots and vision of the foundation, to find a citizen answer for these global issues. SAILS-FOR-SCIENCE FOUNDATION strives for a sustainable balance between Nature and Society for the Island Community.


Right now the world experiences tremendous globalization pressure on Small Islands around the world. These challenges are universal and include developing countries as well as developed countries in Europe: Depletion of island resources, increasing threats from the outside, preserving the society’s heritage, communicating through an island voice of the XXI. century, developing inter-island and mainland connections, securing the future of an island. The remoteness and vulnerability of the islanders makes it very challenging to tackle these problems just by themselves and need urgently our help.


Our goal is taking global responsibility of islands to another level by exchanging with them knowledge through our science platform. We built bridges for meaningful and innovative actions between island citizens and scientists, as the sustainable well-being of islands deserves to be explored, preserved and developed. For us, the needed innovation may be provided by objective scientific applied research. But we believe as well in promoting the results by an inclusive chain, gathering all the links as education organism and authorities that will make the island communities new sustainable steps.

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