• Why orchid scientists and conservationists were gathering on the Island of Samos in 2015?

    Answers gives the new Sails-For-Science publication in Sven Wagner, Elisabeth Dodinet & Marc-André Selosse (2015) Acta Botanica Gallica Botany Letters Vol. 162, No. 4, 251–253 http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/12538078.2015.1106683 EDITORIAL A touch of orchids from Samos (Greece) The International Conference about Temperate Orchids Research and Conservation (TORC’15) was held on the island of Samos,

  • EU Project “Interactive Conservation Platform for Orchids Native to Greece-Turkey (ICON)”

    Harvest of wild terrestrial orchid species for the traditional delicacy Salep, used to prepare either a hot drink or to augment ice cream (kahramanmaraş or maraş dondurma), amounts to an estimated 60 t annually, which equates to the destruction of 120 million wild orchids in Turkey each year (Sezik, E.

  • Without Permission – a short documentary about irregular migration to Europe

    New Documentary by Floris Asche showcases SITU’s commendable contribution towards developing a mutually beneficial solution in the long standing quandary involving illegal migration to Europe. Aptly named “Without Permission” the documentary depicts the plights of the illegal immigrants to the Greek island of Samos as well as the concerns shared

  • Poor waste management threatens island image

    While the Greek islands are normally associated with happy sun-and-sea holidays, mountains of trash are also a common eyesore that authorities have failed to deal with in an effective manner. It was this failure that recently prompted the University of the Aegean and the nongovernmental organization Sails for Science, which

  • «Πέταξε τα σκουπίδια σου αλλιώς», στα ελληνικά νησιά

    Δεν είναι μόνον ο ήλιος και η θάλασσα αυτό που χαρακτηρίζει τα ελληνικά νησιά. Τα σκουπίδια είναι μια κοινή «πληγή», καθώς έως σήμερα οι αρμόδιοι δεν έχουν κατορθώσει να τα διαχειριστούν ορθώς. Βάσει αυτής της παραδοχής το Πανεπιστήμιο Αιγαίου και της ΜΚΟ «Sails for Science», που ασχολείται με την αειφόρο

  • NEWS FROM THE LAB: Epipactis palustris

    Epipactis palustris; inbreeding depression; nectar reward; pollen limitation pollination efficiency Jacquemyn, H. et. al (2015): Pollen limitation and the contribution of autonomous selfing to fruit and seed set in a rewarding orchid. Am J Bot. 102:67-72. Abstract: Premise of the study: Although rewarding orchids are believed to have a high

  • Native orchids on the roof

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