Scientists – Researcher

We invite you to discuss with us your projects ideas and realize them together. We are continually expanding our experts’ network and your participation may be mutually motivating.
Sails-For-Science execute sponsored research or provide just logistical and know-how support for your project in the field of laboratory.



Educational –  Professional – Schools

We like to inspire the next generation for the uniqueness of island and sustainability.
We provide educational material for your curricula, you can participate in problem solving and join our sustainability achievements to the islands from the classroom.



We provide your company a chance to be a partner in a sustainability project realizing your corporate social responsibility aspirations. We help your company to translate an aspiration for sustainability into practical, effective solutions. We bring sustainability to practice and connection with other companies, universities and partners:

  • Briefings on specific sustainable development topics from a business perspective
  • Strategies and tools: how to incorporate the principle of sustainability into everyday business activities, illustrated by real-life examples
  • Markets: business opportunities arising from sustainable development
  • Training opportunities: how universities and professional training providers can help industry leaders incorporate sustainability into their business strategies