Awareness Campaign – IWIC’15 International Workshop on Island Challenges – Climate Change

Climate change, increasing and more complex waste streams, higher demand for energy, urbanization, the drive for tourism vs. a rapidly declining biodiversity, and quality water shortage impose serious challenges for islands and their environments in a globalizing world. Concepts and solutions need to be scaled to confined resources and remoteness of small and mid-sized islands. This Session will highlight concepts, simulation studies, monitoring tools, case examples, technologies in environmental sciences and adjacent enabling fields by addressing their feasibility for islands. Contributions presented concern terrestrial and marine ecosystems as well as rural and municipal settlements. Special focus is given to the context of autonomous resource management vs. high inter-island tech transfer and high-tech monitoring particular for a population density of <2000 people / km2. Why islands? On earth are more than 180,000 islands, mostly unpopulated. The Mediterranean Basin with its coastlines is comprised to 43% out of island coastlines with the major share in Greece. The uniqueness and singularity of islands demands modified research applications in environmental sciences.

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