Conservation Education – Issue Field Guide Book for the Orchids of Samos

Samos has an abundance of native orchids which face decline and biodiversity changes due to anthropogenic development factors on the island. The local community sees them as a mere curiosity without much value. However, local activists, international researchers and hobby orchidologists are eager to conserve and investigate these wild orchids before they may disappear. The new generation of locals and visitors are missing a guide book to this unique flora worth to be protected. We are working just on such needed book to stimulate more awareness and conservation. The book will be reviewed by Prof. Hannes Paulus from the University of Vienna, Austria, who has longstanding experience with the orchids on this island.

Location:             N 37°45, E 26°83 Island of Samos, Vathi, Greece

Duration:            Six months, started 1st November 2014

Partners:             University of Vienna, Austria; University of Basel, Switzerland

Progress:            Finished, results on TORC’15-Website