Awareness / Conservation Campaign – TORC’15 International Conference on Temperate Orchids Research & Conservation

TORC’15 is bringing together first-in-class scientists and field practitioners from around the world across different disciplines as biology, chemistry, phylogenetics, agronomy, pharmacy, ecology and conservation. With its cutting edge speakers and numerous participants, TORC’15 is to be augured taking the field forward by establishing collaborations across all regions through multidisciplinary networks and bringing temperate orchid conservation efforts therefore even closer to the communities on every continent.
We invite for contributions on the above main topics for temperate orchids. All contributions will be subject to a thorough peer review.

Location:             N 37°45, E 26°83 Island of Samos, Vathi, Greece

Duration:            13th -19th April 2015

Partners:             University of Aegean, Greece

Progress:            Finished, results on  TORC’15-Website